Friday, 5 November 2010

Is this the best example of empowerment for women?

The Daily Post today has an article seeking island contestants for the BBC ‘Weakest Link’ programme. The ‘Queen of Mean’ Anne Robinson we are told is planning a special edition of the BBC quiz, featuring contestants who live on islands.

This is a person who regularly makes fun of those, who dare not fit her image of the ideal world - the overweight, the different, and occasionally, in case you missed it, us the welsh. I personally do not habitually watch the programme, but if this is a reflection of society today, we might as well, all not bother.

‘Oh come on’ you may say, it’s a bit of harmless fun, but that’s the problem it’s not, it’s poking fun at the weaker elements of society, those we should be encouraging to believe in themselves. It glorifies the bully at the expense of the weak, it’s the ‘freak show’ of the worst kind, its not big and its not clever, and it should have no place in today’s society.

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