Saturday, 13 November 2010

Anglesey and the weather

Mention Anglesey to them over bridge and they are most likely to respond with “It always rains there, and what about the wind.”, even glum Anglesey people fall into this trap of saying how bad the weather is.

However if you look at the facts (from the Met Office) you soon realise that Anglesey is not that bad after all. So does it rain a lot in Anglesey, well not really, its about average in comparison to the rest of UK in the spring and summer. In comparison with England and the annual average though it does. Below shows the average rainfall annually, spring and summer.

And there's more good news

We do not get much frost, our mean average temperature is comparable to the majority of England, and as for sunshine we do rather well, especially in the spring and winter. For the jumpy amongst you, Anglesey does not have many days of thunder

And in terms of growing season, we fair rather well also..

So our weather's not that bad after all, if you don't mention the wind...

Above maps are subject to Met Office copyright.

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