Monday, 22 November 2010

Have you a new DAB Radio yet?

Recently my old radio alarm clock stopped working, and as a replacement I though about purchasing a new DAB radio, as there is a discount to be had to encourage us to buy all singing and dancing DAB radios.

But first seeing that I listen to Radio Cymru, especially Dafydd a Caryl of the morning, I thought I’d check I could get Radio Cymru on DAB in Anglesey. The answer no, or as the BBC puts it:

"BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Cymru are only available on DAB in areas where there is a local DAB multiplex operator. Currently there are two of these multiplexes up and running in Wales - the Cardiff and Newport area multiplex and the Swansea area multiplex.

Unfortunately we are unable to expand the coverage of Radio Wales and Radio Cymru on DAB until licences are awarded by Ofcom and the successful operators start broadcasting.

Local DAB licences covering Northeast Wales & West Cheshire, Mid and West Wales and North Wales have been awarded by Ofcom but there are no confirmed dates for the start of these services at present. When they do start, coverage may be limited within the service areas initially, due to commercial considerations and the availability of frequencies."

So not much point buying a DAB radio yet then………..


Photon said...

A retrograde move, only brought in to satisfy the capitalists. Keep radio analogue - it's much more natural, and lets you hear rare things like signal conduiting from distant lands even on FM during solar maximum.

An advancement that isn't necessary and isn't an advance.

Rhys Williams said...

Photon - I am in total agreement with you.

Prometheuswrites said...

The big problem with DAB radio (apart from lack of coverage and the number of broadcasters who use digital signals) is the time synchronisation problem.

Listen to DAB and FM at the same time and the (set your watch by) beeps/pips that signal the hour come in at different times.

I'm with Photon - keep it anaolgue.

Puck said...

For a moment I thought the Druid had written the Afternoon play on Radio 4 - 'Number 10' - very topical.

"With the Alliance threatening to fall apart Nathan will stop at nothing to get Plaid Cymru and the Greens on their side"

And then ...

Well my listening enjoyment has been rudely interupted on radio $ - right in the middle of Number 10 - I thought maybe it had been too close to the knuckle, but further investigation shows that ALL AM and FM radio is down.

Does anyone know what has happened?

Puck said...

Well, all the BBC channels seemed to be down - but they just came back on - wierdness