Friday, 28 September 2012

At what cost do we build Wylfa B?

In the Daily Post today there is a letter from our very own MP (Albert Owen, just in case you had forgotten) about 'mixed messages on future of nuclear'.

In the letter he says "What future investors in nuclear technology and the supply chain want is clarity and certainty. Strong commitments."

But at what cost? - we know that nuclear power is not cheap, but surely there must be a point when you say sorry this is far too expensive.

OK, in the short term there would be benefits for the island if a new power station was built. But if this means even more expensive electricity bills, surely one needs to question whether in the long term its a viable solution for our electricity needs.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Council boundary changes are welcome news.

The proposals by the Local Government Boundary Commission to reduce the number of councillors on the island by 25% has finally been accepted by the existing Councillors.

This is welcome news, as I have for some time been of the opinion that multi member wards was the way forward for the islands Council  i.e see  Ynys Môn - Review of electorate arrangements – Local Government.

In the past the perception was that  if you upset the local councillor, things could be made difficult for you - so to speak. Sometimes wards were ruled over by shall we say long standing councillors whom got elected by default 'cause no one else stood against them, and if you where not in their gang tough....

At next years election at least there will be a choice, and following the election a choice of 3 Councillors from whom to seek help.

Having said that I'm still of the opinion there we have far too many councils in Wales, and that we should reduce the number - as I have said in the past bring back the old Gwynedd County Council -  Merger – odds on favourite.