Sunday, 31 October 2010

Local Heroes - William Williams

On 21 July 1917 an Anglesey seaman, William Williams, received the Victoria Cross, Britain's foremost gallantry award. The citation on the award read 'selected by the ship's company of one of H.M. ships to receive the Victoria Cross under Rule 13 of the Royal Warrant'.
On 7 June 1917, HMS Pargust (one of the Q ships) was out in the Atlantic Ocean when her engine room was damaged by a torpedo fired from a U-boat. The explosion loosened the gun covers and Seaman Williams, with great presence of mind, took the whole weight on himself and physically prevented the covers from falling and betraying the ship to the enemy.

Local Heroes - Captain John Fox-Russell


For most conspicuous bravery displayed in action until he was killed. Captain Russell repeatedly went out to attend the wounded under murderous fire from snipers and machine-guns, and in many cases, when no other means were at hand, carried them in himself, although almost exhausted. He showed the greatest possible degree of valour.
—The London Gazette, (No. 30491) dated 8 January 1918