Monday, 21 January 2013

A fall in household finance

I suppose we all know it, the Markit Household Finance Index™ on Monday said that [a]round 31% of respondents noted a deterioration in their financial situation, compared to 6% that saw an improvement.

Though when compared to last year those asked were shall we say less pessimistic at the start of this year - The headline Markit Household Finance Index (HFI) picked up to 37.7 in January, from December’s seven-month low of 36.8 - with neutral threshold being 50.

The key points of the Markit Household Finance Index™ for January are:
  • Squeeze on household finances weakens in January…
  • …and respondents are the least pessimistic about year-ahead outlook since September 2012
  • Sentiment regarding ease of access to unsecured credit is least downbeat in four-year survey history
  • Appetite for major purchases falls at slowest pace since October 2010
  • Least marked drop in job security since the start of the survey in early 2009…
  • …but activity at work stagnates and income from employment declines at fastest pace for six months

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