Sunday, 11 November 2012

Let's get real - we need to know who abused the kids.

It's a simple truth, there has for a long time been rumors of a circle of paedophiles that abused already damaged kids at Bryn Estyn, but whom because of their standing in society were afforded a high level of protection.

As I've said before, as someone who was indirectly involved in subsequent Bryn Estyn inquires the notion that there was a circle of paedophiles consisting of senior members of the establishment does not surprise me in the least.  I heard names mentioned and allegation made, but knew that due to their standing; they being rich and 'upstanding members of society' against young and vulnerable kids, the chance of prosecution was slim.

It though does not excuse the fact that out there; still free, is a Senior Conservative who allegedly is a paedophile who abused young children from Bryn Estyn, together with others in a sick circle of paedophiles at the time.

Someone who is powerful and in charge of the establishment can find it very easy to abuse their position, be that a boss groping his secretary or a TV star abusing young children....because there are plenty; who in fear will not allow themselves to see the truth, and bow to the majesty of the abusers deceit.

The Conservative Party need to get real, they need to cut out this cancer once and for all, they know who the paedophiles are, get it done, get it sorted......they without doubt have the evidence....locked away in some lawyers safe... circling the wagons and attempting to blame everyone else wont wash this time.


Anonymous said...

"It though does not excuse the fact that out there; still free, is a Senior Conservative who is a pedophile who abused young children from Bryn Estyn"

And you know this as a 'fact' how exactly? Because you have heard "rumours" and "allegations"? Because you apparently know more than one of the victims who has now explicitly stated he was mistaken? I wonder if you have even read a newspaper over the last couple of days?

The words of Labour's Chuka Umunna on Question Time this week are particularly relevant in the context of what you have written:

"I think the victims have to be the absolute priority. Their complaint was the investigations were rather amateur and weren't serious. The way Schofield is presenting himself, trawling through the internet for conjecture, absolutely flies in the face of what the victims want."

You would do well to reflect on that - especially as you claim to have been indirectly involved in the Bryn Estyn inquiries.

You used to be someone who had something interesting to say. Nowadays your boringly holier-than-thou, expletive-strewn, knee-jerk anti-Tory, and repetitively ad-hominem blogposts give the impression of someone of great bitterness who is slowly becoming more and more unhinged.

Perhaps its time for a break from blogging.

Anonymous said...

I completely echo your sentiments Anon. Mr Blogger, you appear to have jumped on the bandwagon of "hang the Tories, they are all kiddyfiddlers". Just as well that you did not go as far as to name Lord McAlpine like other midguided fools have on Twiiter, you would probably be shitting your pants by now waiting to be sued and rightly so. I hope that each and every one of those cowardly twitters will have McAlpine's solicitors hunt them down and take them to the cleaners. There was a time when I admired your blog, recently you have resolved to a hate campaign against anything Tory - and no I am not a Tory myself but you do go completely overboard . My last offering to your blog, I shall not even bother visiting it in future.