Saturday, 15 January 2011

I like the French

And so does President Obama, who in a recent speech said, “We don’t have a stronger friend and stronger ally than Nicholas Sarkosky and the French people”

This rather upset some people, Andrew Roberts for one, who in today’s Times says “Ignore Obama when he cosies up to Sarko" [Sarkozy]. To paraphrase what he said “Please sir, sir, we love you more, honestly sir, we love Americans much more than the French do…”

For his argument he looks back into history, and the English obsession with Charles de Gaulle.

If I as a welsh person ever mentioned the past and how badly we had been treated by the English I would be told off.

The Welsh and the French share something in common, a minority of the English thinks it’s ok to take the ‘piss’. We on the other hand have moved on, we shrug our shoulders and ignore the car crash that is English insecurity about who they are.

In strength we shall find unity, in peace we shall find prosperity, we stand together united or forever alone in our polarity.

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