Thursday, 13 January 2011

Organ donation is a good thing to do.

I’m not religious in any way, and to me the subject of donating organs on my death is simple - when I’m dead I will no longer have need for my body, but it would be a shame to see any useful parts going to waste, after all it’s recycling, sort of. Whether, there will be many useful parts of my body left, is another matter.

Even if you are religious I fail to see what the major problem is. Isn’t the body just a vessel that transports the soul through this world on its journey to somewhere else, but that won’t happen till Jesus returns from his holidays?

I think the proposed presumed permission to organ donation is a good idea. OK some people may not, be it on religious or other grounds, but they can always opt out if they feel so strongly about it.

Sadly it seems, once again, some wish to turn this; a sensible idea, into a political football, and for once I hope all politicians will think of the benefits this proposal would bring and of those it will save, rather than some shallow political point scoring.

Register Online: NHS Organ Donar Register

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Photon said...

Wholeheartedly (if you pardon the pun!) agree. The online registration is very easy, so I hope it works properly when I do pop my clogs.

I'd encourage all readers of the Photon and Telegraph blogs to sign-up today.