Wednesday, 5 January 2011

In praise of Anglesey refuse service

The Times newspaper today reports that the Local Government Minister has written to England's local council’s to remind them of the importance of a regular bin collection, suggesting that bins should be collected on bank holidays. In the Daily Post there was an article saying that some councils may take up to 3 weeks to clear the backlog, with accompanying pictures of rubbish piled high.

My suggestion they should all come to Anglesey, to learn from the excellent service provided by our bin men. True, on my little road they did not collect the rubbish Christmas week, but I wasn’t surprised, the road was deep in snow and was a total no no for large vehicles.

But as there was an additional black bin collection day, the week afterwards, instead of the usual green bin day; which they collected without fuss, this meant no problems.

So continuing my ‘Positive 4 Anglesey’ theme, I give thanks to Anglesey bin men and women who worked hard even on bank holidays to ensure our rubbish was collected and recycled with the minimum of fuss.

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Photon said...

To be fair to the criticised councils of England, they did experience much worse conditions over a much longer period than we did on Anglesey. The first snows that immobilised most of the UK didn't touch us.

Yes, well done to all the people who get paid far too little under this private contract to the Council. Let's hope they get paid a lot more this year, though I rather suspect the company will prefer to maintain their profit margins.