Saturday, 1 January 2011

A vital service for North Wales.

Front Entrance to the Hospital

As a patient of the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital what I am about to say should come as no surprise. I have a heart condition and I am receiving excellent care from Dr Hall and colleagues.

The Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital is an award winning NHS Foundation Trust, which has achieved the highest score in the country for "overall patient care" in the 2009 Care Quality Commission's National Inpatient Survey.

It was worrying therefore to read in the Daily Post, that due to a funding shortfall some North Wales patients may not be able to receive the treatment they need at the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital. Dr Eamonn Jessup, a GPs’ representative, labelled the situation an “unmitigated disaster” which would “put patients lives at risk”.

Why has the Betsi Cadwaldr health board dithered so much and allowed this totally unacceptable position to arise?

It's time for the Welsh Assembly to step in and sort this mess out, if they do not then Edwina Hart needs to seriously consider her position.

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Prometheuswrites said...

A failure to pay the bills seems to be the cause:

"Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital officials said it is because of a shortfall in funding from Wales.

The hospital staff said they are in "almost daily" talks with the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board over the issue."

Photon said...

This just underlines the ridiculous situation that devolution in Wales has allowed to happen. Long-standing geographical relations between north Wales and the NW of England have been forced to close or scale back, thanks to some idiotic idea that a tiny island called the UK needs to be split up into even tinier political units.

kp said...

Doubtless you found my comments distasteful in some way ...... apologies, no offence was intended, just an alternative opinion.