Thursday, 2 December 2010


With thanks to Weather Online a computer model showing the changes in temperatures at different latitudes, and the warming effect of the gulf stream on the UK.


Prometheuswrites said...

That's more than a bit worrying as it seems that gulf stream is no longer reaching as far it used to.

I know the resolution is low on this graphic, so if you have any other more detaled comparisons, it would be good to see them. I did try a search for gulf stream temperature comparisons but couldn't find the sites I used to view.

Following on my post the other day, (there was some sceptism expressed about my post), I post this link:

2010 sets new temperature records

Rhys Williams said...

Hi. Sorry I should have explained the chart shows air temp. Like you, I tried to find current map showing gulf predicted temp but other than North America found none. Whilst looking did see a new conspiracy theory about the current cold weather which was the BP oil spill slowing the Gulf Stream down.

P.S interesting weather front approaching us today from Ireland, with cold front catching warm front turning into occluded front, to arrive island after lunchtime sometime, current predications is the great vague rain, sleet or snow.

Thanks for your kind comments!

Prometheuswrites said...

I found this:

Its a week by week graphic showing the velocity of the Gulf Stream from 2003 to last week (2010)

Its big; about 50Mb and takes quite a while to download, but once downloaded will playback a lot faster.

I found a nice cup of tea helped while I replayed it a couple of times looking for patterns over time.

I does seem to be slowing out towards the north west (since 2007), but its also very easy to see what you expect (want) to see, and we are talking about huge quantities of water over a (relatively) short time.

Yes. Gulf clean-up conspiracy idea; it's something to do with the chemicals used interfering with the thermo-haline mechanism, but again we are talking about vast quantities of water.

Gives interesting data.Including report saying that a portion of the North Alantic conveyor system displaced to the west of Greenland last winter.

I'll look for some water temperature graphics and post them here if I find them.

Thank you for your interesting posts.