Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Learning with Finland.

With the publication of the PISA results for 2009, we see that Finland once again top the league tables, whilst Wales performs well below average on all indicators. Maybe it is time, we learned with Finland?

Students from Finland outperform peers in 43 other nations – including the United States, Germany and Japan – in mathematics, science and reading skills. Finland is also ranked top in economic competitiveness.

The performance of this small and remote European country springs directly from education policies set in motion 40 years ago, according to the World Bank in its report “Policy Development and Reform Principles of Basic and Secondary Education in Finland since 1968.”

For a summary of the report see Bert Maes blog


Anonymous said...

Wales is only a small country, if we educate our kids too well they will just desert us.

We have the education system that was planned for us and, at the moment, it is working well.

Let us rejoice in our national stupidity!

Rhys Williams said...

Anon - Not a real excuse, Wales population is around 3 million, whereas Finland population is just over 5 million, making it in world ranking on population size in 122 place.

So if a small country like Finland can, why cant we?

PromoW said...