Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Anglesey and winter

We are lucky in Anglesey we have relatively mild winters in comparison to rest of the UK. The chart below shows the minimum winter temperatures as recorded by the MET weather station at Valley since 1914. The coldest winter we, in Anglesey, have experienced was the winter known as ‘The Great Freeze of 1963’. It was when the Thames froze as can be seen on the Royal Windsor website. I say we, I wasn’t even born then!

The chart below is all the min temp data between 1914 and 2009 plotted by month, showing the changes in our seasons. It doesn’t show anything in particular just that it looks nice.

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Photon said...

I think the important message from your second graph is that the weather varies, as can be seen by the thickness created by all the various years' data.

When Ministers want answers about future weather, they could do a lot worse than look at a graph like this to understand - once and for all - that there is a lot of variability involved.