Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Queen, Aberfan and the BBC

Did you know that this year Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 60 years of rule over us commoners.

Not that you could have easily missed this fact,  BBC Wales is there to ensure that.

Which brings me to my moan of the day....

On Friday, the Queen on her second and last day of her 'tour' of Wales, visited Aberfan to remember and commemorate the disaster that devastated the village.

And I'm sure she gave comfort to those present, but that is not my moan of the day.

My moan of the day is the fact that BBC News including BBC Wales said, and I paraphrase - Queen Elizabeth visited Aberfan almost 50 years since the disaster.

The tragic man made disaster at Aberfan occurred on 21 October 1966, or just over 45 years ago.

That's 45 years ago, in October it will be 46 years ago, so how you can say that is almost 50 years ago is beyond me.

Or on that basis - did you know I celebrated the Queens jubilee back in 2008, well it was almost 60 years since she was crowned Queen, wasn't it?

And there 'endeth' my moan of the day.

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