Friday, 1 February 2013

Fancy a bet....

Heads you loose, tails I win

As we know WELFARE is EVIL cause it's the world of the neo-liberal at least.

But it's a sure BET for bookmakers taking advantage of the most disadvantaged in society with their biased fruit machines -see Daily Mail - Taking £1 and giving 70p back: How the fruit machine is ripping off Britain

So somehow the poor on welfare, you know the feckless layabouts are to blame, even though they are ripped off by the gambling industry - who then take the piss further by not paying their proper share in taxes, in classic Milton Friedman  economics, where we are all individuals.

But don't worry we only have to find an additional billion due to this - um we are all in this together... see The Independent.

And yes I know New Labour did relax the gambling laws - idiots.

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The Red Flag said...

The slot machine arcade in Holyhead has closed down - lack of trade.

And good riddance.