Saturday, 14 July 2012

The rain in Valley, Ynys Môn for April to June 2012

Looking at data from the weather station at Valley the total monthly rainfall in April 2012 was 65.4mm as compared to the average (between 1931 and 2012) of 51mm, whereas the wettest April was in 1961 with a total of 103.4mm of rain. The driest April was in 1970 when a total of 5.3mm of rain fell.

In May 2012 a total of 47.8mm rain fell compared to the average (between 1931 and 2012) of 53.2mm, the wettest May was in 1993 and a total of 127.1mm. The driest May was in 1970 when a total of 10.4mm of rain fell.

In June 2012 the total rainfall at Valley was 107.4mm as compared to the average (between 1931 and 2012, one years data missing) of 55.7mm. The wettest June was in 1998 and 135.3mm of rain, and driest was 1942 when only 1.3mm of rain fell. Based on a quick calculation of the UK met office stations the UK average for total rainfall in June was around 113mm, with wettest being 245.6mm falling at Eskdalemuir.

Therefore based on my non-official calculations and some provisional data from the Met Office,  in April we had slightly more rain than average, May we had less rain than average and in June we had double the average of rain, but still it was not the wettest we have had since 1931.

Since 1930 the driest month at Valley was May 1942 and 1.3mm of rain, and the wettest month was December 1934 and 240.5mm of rain.

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