Friday, 29 June 2012

Some statistics about Ynys Môn

After reading the Daily Post, once again, saying that Ynys Môn had the lowest GDP of UK (doh!!!), I thought on a rainy afternoon I'd look up some statistics from  StatsWales.

In 2001 the percentage of the population in employment (16-65) on Ynys Môn was 66.3% as compared to the welsh average of 67.1%, whereas in 2010 that had risen to 69.5% compared to the welsh average of 66.2%.

In May 2009 the monthly claimant count was 2,009 whereas in May 2012 the provisional figures are 1,786.

Now the bit the Daily Post gets wrong. In 1997 the Sub-regional Gross Value Added (GVA) where UK=100, by Welsh NUTS3 area for Ynys Môn was 49.6% and in 2009 57.2%

OK it still means the island is in the bottom 5 in the UK but it is still ahead of Gwent Valleys (53.3%) and Wirral (53.7%)

In 1997 the Gross disposable household income where UK=100, by Welsh NUTS3 areas for Ynys Môn was 86.9% and the provisional figure for 2010 is 90.5% as compared to the welsh average of 87.7%

Note: Gross disposable household income is an estimate of the amount of money that households have available for consumption expenditure or saving. It is equivalent to the excess of income (including earnings, pensions, investments, benefits etc) over expenditures associated with their income (tax, property ownership and the provision for future pension provision).

In 2001 there was 67,806 of us living on Ynys Môn and in 2010 a few more 68,592.

So next time the Daily Post, and or the Welsh Conservatives march out their lazy narrative in an attack on Plaid Cymru and/or Ieuan Wyn Jones AM - usually along the lines that Plaid Cymru have made it worse on the island, lowest GDP in UK etc etc I hope you do remind them of the facts.

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