Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A joke Jimmy Carr style...

Jimmy Carr told an audience on Tuesday: "I pay what I have to and not a penny more." - how we all laughed   "you are joking" we said, now pay your fucking taxes we all replied.

An investigation by the Sunday Times alleged that Jimmy Carr was using a Jersey based K2 scheme to avoid paying what many of us would think should be his proper share of tax. Even our Prime Minister, David Cameron said the tax arrangements of comedian Jimmy Carr was "morally wrong".(see  BBC News).

Let's think what's more important, a decent living allowance for disabled people, or the tax avoidance of a posh kid who made his money by being abusive to many, especially the disadvantaged in society?

Not that I'm trying to censor what he says, I have discussed freedom of expression before, in my post  Former Cllr Calver and human rights.  Mr Justice Collins, in his ruling on Livingstone v Adjudication Panel for England said :-

"However offensive and undeserving of protection the appellant's outburst may have appeared to some, it is important that any individual knows that he can say what he likes, provided it is not unlawful, unless there are clear and satisfactory reasons within the terms of Article 10(2) to render him liable to sanctions."

But freedom of expression doesn't mean you can avoid paying your proper share of tax..

Talking of freedom of expression....So there I was faced with a choice, one of which would have meant certain death - should I abuse a disabled person or fuck Jimmy Carr, I choose to fuck Jimmy Carr.....

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The Red Flag said...

Bit of a cheek when a certain Mr Cameron condemns it without reminding us where his inheritance was stashed.

And we'll not even mention Jeremy Hunt's missus and what she does for a living.