Saturday, 28 January 2012

Wet and cold and a chance of snow

The weather next week due to a high pressure dominating above Europe will be relatively cold.  However other than that it gets a bit complicated, as there is a battle between this cold air and the warm air in the Atlantic, as shown above.

What weather forecasters know is over the next few days a number of slow moving fronts will approach from the west, bringing with them on the leading edge a chance of snow. However, as to when the rain turns to snow and back to rain is not certain at the moment.

There is a chance of snow on the island, especially on higher ground, but more importantly should you have a journey over the bridge, say to South Wales, be prepared for snow.

For the island it looks like rain tomorrow, possibly snow or hail showers, clearing Tuesday with more showers, again possibly wintry, towards the end of the week.

One thing for certain it's going to be cold.

A good tip is to look at the moon if it has a blue halo then there is a chance of snow, but if the halo is yellow or brown in colour then its most likely to be rain.

Data Source: Weather Online

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