Saturday, 28 January 2012

Land and Lakes publish revised plans for Penrhos development.

Land & Lakes; a tourism and leisure venture specialising in environmental awareness, whom have acquired the rights to develop land previously owned by Anglesey Aluminium have published revised plans for the development.

You can download the amended plans in pdf format from Land & Leisure website. You will need to allow a 'pop up' from their site to allow the file to be downloaded.

On their website Land & Lakes explain their vision:

The project vision is to create a world class tourism destination that utilises and protects the unique, natural beauty of the area whilst providing an economic legacy for the future. The exact composition of the tourism offer will be developed through public consultation and stakeholder input.

Following the Public Exhibition on 21st-22nd October, the Masterplan and Vision have been revised to reflect feedback from local Community, stakeholders and on-going site assessments.

I for one think the development well thought out,  will bring much needed jobs to one of the most deprived areas in Wales, and Land & Lakes have shown themselves quite willing to listen to local concerns and amended their plans accordingly.


mairede thomas said...

Land and Lakes do appear to have listened. What further comments do local residents have now the revised plans are available? What is the next step? Will it happen if Wylfa B is delayed, or not built?

Andrew said...

The job creation figure is pure fantasy. Silver Bay caravan park is very similar and I would be very surprised if they employ more than 10 people.

L & L environmental officer has not got a clue. They plan to evict Badgers by putting one way gates at the entrance to the sets. They will leave the set to forage and on returning will be met by a steel gate which will prevent them from feeding their young.

The prospect of Badger pups starving in their sets is far from being well thought out and amounts to animal cruelty.

decideforyourself said...

They have listened to all groups and have modified there plans accordingly. They have given more public access in the nature reserve, removed lodges from cae glass reserve and some in Penrhos, created a new cricket pitch and football pitch with parking and amenities for public use, a new heritage centre for tourism and will reopen the toll house which was a cafe run by people with learning disabilities that was shutdown in 2009 by the council due to lack of funds. Take a look for yourselves or on our website at

Anonymous said...

Land and Lakes have used the consultation period for another land grab by getting rid of the cricket pitch. All three site equal 600 acres. Penrhos is a 200 acre site, a nature reserve with immense biodiversity. If you look at the original plans the new plans are hardly any different. land and Lakes are being economical with the truth when they say their providing over 70 acres: these areas are obviously included areas like the headland that was never up for negotiation. As for the jobs created on the Penrhos site, very few jobs will be created by privately owned woodland chalets. I agree with the daily post article that the 'tourist village' is just a guise for property development. If people think that levelling Penrhos to put up chalets are going to create jobs, they are going to be very disappointed. It's tragic that Anglesey/Holyhead Councillors get away with so much: decisions that they have made over the years have been terrible , and getting rid of Penrhos will be the worst they've had so far.

decideforyourself said...

At the end of the day who is going to maintain the coastal park? Paths, maintenance, public liability insurance do you not realise that AAM have lost alot of employees and probably wont carry on forever.we now have plans that have taken the communities issues into consideration and still makes the development viable for the developer. They have stated from questions answered that there will be 600 jobs in total in an almost job less economic climate where Anglesey as a whole has lost over a thousand. As a community what we need to do now is work with the developers to bring the plans exactly as they state to life with all the benefits as well. We just need to make sure what's been promised gets delivered so that our young children have a future and stay local and Anglesey,s economy stays afloat.

The Red Flag said...

I think if this plan is approved by the council that the councillors should guarentee that if it does not result in 600FTE jobs on completion (as L7L claim and which has seduced them), that they will immediately resign from Office at all levels and never stand again.

They haven't got the courage - and they have absolutely no idea how much anger there is at street level with regards to the Penrhos site.

The argument with regards the cost of maintaining the wood land is farcical. Anglesey has one of the lowest percentages of wooded area in the country.

They will next year when they are facing the possibility of candidates runnig against specific councillors with the intention of eroding their vote and costing them their seat.

Anonymous said...

These Proposals by L&L are utter Madness...and those who are blinkered into believing that 600FTE jobs will be on offer are very much mistaken. Do your Research people.....When These 'Holiday Parks' have opened up in the past..'Greenacres' Porthmadog, Presthaven Sands Prestatyn, Hafan Y Mor Pwllheli..(these being the closest in North Wales) All these Holiday Villages have made promises of MANY FTE Jobs (go look at the figures)and they have approximately 32% of the figure that was firstly proposed......mostly ended up part time on a minimum wage and seasonal ,and Many from a 90 minute radius (this counts as Local)Is this what you want your children to aspire to???? L&L will also have to house in Barracks, the proposed 1,000 workforce that (will eventually) come to Wylfa 1,000 people?????
Has anyone thought about the social and economic effect on businesses and such on the Island and further afield, like B&B's, Caravan Parks, Hotels Rental Holiday accomodation, the Policing, schooling and our Non existent A&E at Penrhos Stanley??? 1,000 extra people here in Holyhead??? Do your homework people.....

“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we
borrow it from our children” Most of the trees in Penrhos are 200 years old...Ask yourself 'Why this site'??? Is it because It is one of the Areas of Outstanding Beauty on Anglesey, or is it because Land and Lakes think all you good people here deserve jobs????.There are the grants out there, all you need do is look,...turn this beautiful atmospheric woodland back to the People of Holyhead, to run FOR the People BY the People..... A national Nature reserve to be proud of. With over 100,000 visitors already a year.....Can they all be wrong????

Anonymous said...

by saying 600 FTE jobs is misleading as that is not how FTE is calculated. When broken down this could actually mean there are indeed 600 jobs BUT crucially this means the 600 "employed" workers are only taken on potentially for 1 hour a week each.
How FTE is calculated is by taking the total number of hours defined as total hours worked divided by average annual hours worked in full-time jobs. Therefore if L&L envision that there will be X amount of man hours needed to be worked then they use the formula above to determine that. Hardly a guarantee of 600 jobs at all. it's purely semantics on their behalf in an attempt to make something not very promising look quite the opposite.
How can anyone trust and support such a group that isn't being totally transparent with the reality of things, and instead misleading people purely for their own gain.
This development will bring nothing to anglesey or holyhead that is supposedly "promised" to everyone.
It's a sad state of affairs when the promise of minimal employment takes precedent over common sense.

The fact is that the nature reserve brings in more visitors and tourists than the proposed development ever will, and at the same time brings more money to the community and local businesses than the development ever will too. Are we forgetting that these developments include numerous proposals to keep the tourists and visitor money confined to withing L&L developments rather than encouraging it out in to the broader local community? how blind some must be to not see this simple fact that they are taking far more away in EVERY aspect than such a development could ever provide?

@decideforyourself - how ignorant can you be to not see the overwhelming support against this development to know that the people of holyhead and area are more than willing AND CAPABLE to maintain the park themselves, how arrogant of you to even suggest that they are not capable. Ironically if anything this is more a NIMBY attitude than the groups against this disgrace of a proposal could ever have. where is the support for the local community that you supposedly want to do something for?