Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Cap on benefits - lone parents hardest hit.

The proposed cap on benefits will hit lone parents the hardest according to government data. The above chart from the impact assessment as published by the Conservative led Coalition Government.(click on chart to enlarge)

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The Red Flag said...

It misses the point.

People who are getting these huge claims aren't. They invariably come about because of housing benefit levels and that is purely greedy landlords.

KP will be spitting mad I assume because it means people on these large claims (invariably in London & the south east) will have to move - to cheaper areas such as Anglesey.

There's also a fair bit of misrepresentation going on as it will hit some people with lots of kids who have lost theor jobs and are getting mortgage relief. They are under the same cap so unless the banks are willing to go into bigger forebearance then they will lose their houses.

The way to contriol it is to regulate the private rental market along German lines whereby each house has an individual licence from the council in which area it is in. Before anyone can move into a rental, the council inspects it along with the landlord and any repairs, outstanding maintainance etc that they find must be completed by accredited tradesmen before the tenant moves in. The rent is also set by them. the tenant also has far more rights than here such as security of tenure.

Renting out a house without a licence? Confiscated with no compensation and sold at auction. As a result, rents are very cheap in Germany in comparison to the UK. €300pcm will get you a fairly decent house. As a result, people rarely buy a house before they are 40 and that in turn leads to a more mobile workforce.