Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sunday Trivia - Liverpool and North Wales Steamship Company

I'm too young to remember the trips you could make from Menai Bridge to Liverpool, and other excursions around the North Wales Coast line, including Llandudno to Isle of Man.

The many services and excursions which were operated by the Liverpool & North Wales Steamship Company, sadly ended in 1963 due to declining passenger numbers. The last ship to operate was the St Trillo which is shown in the postcard below.

The Liverpool & North Wales Steamship Company was formed on the 19th January 1891. The company's main route was as described in their name, between Liverpool, Llandudno and Menai Bridge. The mainstay of the Liverpool to Llandudno and Menai Bridge sailings until their cessation in 1962 was the St Tudno (the second ship to carry that name), and is shown below.

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The Red Flag said...

Brings back memories does this. I remember these as a young boy in the very early 60's. At the time my father was the manager of the Colwyn Bay Hotel on the prom in Colwyn Bay (now demolished and the site of a block of retirement apartments), my grandfather the owner/manager of the Queens Hotel in Llandudno and I was a pupil at Loretto Convent on the West Shore.

I remember the ships docking on the pier in Llandudno and a million and one other things like the RNLI lifeboat in Llandudno being towed by hand to be launched of the ramp, Punch & Judy, so many other things.