Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Council boundary changes are welcome news.

The proposals by the Local Government Boundary Commission to reduce the number of councillors on the island by 25% has finally been accepted by the existing Councillors.

This is welcome news, as I have for some time been of the opinion that multi member wards was the way forward for the islands Council  i.e see  Ynys Môn - Review of electorate arrangements – Local Government.

In the past the perception was that  if you upset the local councillor, things could be made difficult for you - so to speak. Sometimes wards were ruled over by shall we say long standing councillors whom got elected by default 'cause no one else stood against them, and if you where not in their gang tough....

At next years election at least there will be a choice, and following the election a choice of 3 Councillors from whom to seek help.

Having said that I'm still of the opinion there we have far too many councils in Wales, and that we should reduce the number - as I have said in the past bring back the old Gwynedd County Council -  Merger – odds on favourite.


The Red Flag said...

Long overdue. It automatically gets rid a quarter of the councillors (good riddance) just by virtue of the reduction in seats.

It then makes it far far harder to win a seat and far far easier to lose it again by virtue of the fact that a quite small swing will turf them out on their sorry undeserving arses - which means the councillors are going to have to engage with the people in the street and not each other or they won't be a councillor for more than a term.

Given that there are likely to be a couple of independents stading in some wards against the Penrhos development, Wylfa B or the Marina, then we could be in for a very hard fought and bruising council election next year. Which is a good thing and long overdue.

Gruntfuttocks said...

While I agree that we have too many cllrs and that the boundary changes will address this, here in Amlwch we will probably still have GWR nothwithstanding his ward having its boundary changed he has huge influencd over the large council estates of Maes Llwyn and Maes Mona which form his power base. These council tenants will be more than happy to get out and vote for Mr Teflon as he does so much on their behalf in getting their house problems sorted in Llangefni. We also have the numpty Aled Morris Jonwa on our doorstep, a chocolate teapot of a cllr - absolutley useless.