Friday, 28 September 2012

At what cost do we build Wylfa B?

In the Daily Post today there is a letter from our very own MP (Albert Owen, just in case you had forgotten) about 'mixed messages on future of nuclear'.

In the letter he says "What future investors in nuclear technology and the supply chain want is clarity and certainty. Strong commitments."

But at what cost? - we know that nuclear power is not cheap, but surely there must be a point when you say sorry this is far too expensive.

OK, in the short term there would be benefits for the island if a new power station was built. But if this means even more expensive electricity bills, surely one needs to question whether in the long term its a viable solution for our electricity needs.


Anonymous said...

How I do so agree!

Wylva at what cost and at what cost to whom.

Any why?

The Red Flag said...

No subsidies, no guarenteed pricing, no back-door tax break - they are all lumped eventually onto the public either directly or indirectly. It's ridiculous that that we are slashing our social services etc to the bone yet we seem to have hundreds of billions over the longterm to subsidise 6 power stations and line the pockets of shareholders in the process.

If it isn't feasible under those circumstances it cannot be justified.

Anonymous said...

Two days ago this happened ...