Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Conservatives of Gwynedd, are no more - they are a dead parrott.

In the recent elections for Gwynedd County Council, Plaid Cymru came within a whisker of becoming the ruling party - which means that they will now need to enter into a coalition with one of the other parties, or gain support from a few independent councillors.

However, the coalition talks won't include the Welsh Conservatives, because in terms of election results they do not exist within Gwynedd.

The three brave individuals whom did stand under the Welsh Conservative banner didn't do that well, they where:

Martin Anthony Peet in the Pentir ward, gained 60 votes.
Bronwen Naish in the Criccieth ward, gained 98 votes.
Robert Edward Hawkes in the Tywyn ward, gained 247 votes.

And all of them came last in their respective wards.

So in Gwynedd where the electorate in March 2011 was 85,540 (see The Electoral Commission) the Welsh Conservatives only managed a total of 405 votes or less than 1% (0.4735% to be precise).

Of course some true 'conservatives' could be hiding under the banner of independents, but that surely would be 'political cowardice'.


Anonymous said...

When you mentione the Conservatives, I thought you meant Llais Gwynedd - the 'Conservatives'

NotaFan said...

Gwynedd is the equivalent of Benadir, Caernarfon the equivalent of Mogadishu, a decent place full of some quite rotten people.

Is it any wonder there are very few conservative voters living there?

Prometheuswrites said...


"Tory MP David Davies sorry for 'incompetent government'"

On a different tack I see that the commissioners may be withdrawn.

Mr Sargeant acknowledged the council was making "good progress".

He added: "My commissioners have concluded that while there remain some concerns about the council's governance, there are no longer any serious risks".

(i.e We are no longer in partnership with Plaid Cymru & Wylfa B won't be built)

What I want to know is whether those 'established' leisure developers 'Lands and Lakes' are still going to be building their leisure holiday homes/parc next to the mooted bio-digester and scrapyard at the old Anglesey Aluminium site?

Anonymous said...

At the Welsh Tory Conference at the start of the local government election campaign, the Tory leadership targeted the Plaid vote in the west and the north.

‘I say directly to those who have voted Plaid in the past: If you are a patriot, if you're proud of your community, if you're proud of your heritage and your culture and your language, then your beliefs are our beliefs in the Welsh Conservative Party’. Andrew RT Davies, Sunday, 25 March 2012
‘I hope that Plaid Cymru voters see in the Welsh Conservative Party a great alternative’. Cheryl Gillan, Secretary of State.
The result. Plaid 158 Councillors. Tories 105.
• In every seat contested in Gwynedd, the Tories came last!
• A very similar pattern was seen in Carmarthenshire.
• Some of the more abysmal Tory performances that evening however came in Ceredigion. Three Tory candidates failed to secure 20 votes ; at Penparcau (16), Padarn (19) and Sulien (19). Another two just about went past the 20 mark - Rheidol (22) and Aberystwyth Central (22). Another at Aberystwyth North somehow reached 29 votes.

Would Mr Davies and Ms Gillan care to comment ?