Tuesday, 15 March 2011

At last - Goodbye Anglesey County Council

Not many of us will weep the passing of the failed Anglesey County Council.

Failed on a political front that is, with the so-called Councillors of the island having failed abysmally to provide effective government.

Soon we shall find out the fate that awaits the Council, hopefully the Local Government Minister Carl Sargeant shall end our pain quickly.

This blog fully supports his actions as the people of Anglesey have had enough.

We the people of Anglesey, have for the last twenty years endured grown men who claimed to be Councillors behaving like children - pathetic, incredible and unbelievable!

P.S The Conservatives and their friends the Liberal Democrats claimed today in the National Assembly for Wales debate on the Local Government Order 2011 that they did not understand what 'effective' local government meant - my suggestion why haven’t they visited Anglesey and soon they would have found out what a failing and ineffective local government was really like.

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Anonymous said...

This Council will never move on unless it rights the wrongs it made against the normal people.