Sunday, 6 February 2011

Private SAR consortium fails to take off.

In December 2010, Phil Hammond the Transport Secretary suspended the tender process of the Search and Rescue service, when he was informed of possible issues with the bid of the preferred consortium.

It appears there may have been some dodgy goings on during the tender process, and this is now the subject of a Military Police investigation. This has spooked Royal Bank of Scotland and they have withdrawn from the consortium.

The Soteria consortium’s bid may therefore be fatally flawed and although no final decision has been made, the whole process will either have to be gone through again or even cancelled completely.

As I have blogged before the Soteria consortium where to use S92 Sikorsky Helicopters, whilst the other bidder AirKnight had proposed to use a fleet of Eurocopters, which some experts say are better.

The News of the World today meanwhile reported that David Cameron, the Prime Minister had ordered a complete review of the process after having been lobbied by Prince William.

One thing for sure the days of us seeing Sea King helicopters above us are far from over.

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