Sunday, 13 February 2011

GVA by 6 industries.

With the May elections for the Welsh Assembly not that far off I though I’d look at how Wales is doing in comparison with the rest of the UK. I start with GVA by industries the first chart being for Anglesey

Then we can compare it with Gwynedd, which in terms of growth is very similar to Anglesey aside for the growth in public administration, education, health and other services

Then if we look at Swansea we can see they have done well in both public administration, education, health and other services and business services and finance

Cheshire in comparison does quite well in many sectors with business services and finance showing the greatest growth

And finally Edinburgh, who as Cheshire have seen the greatest growth in Business services and finance.

Data from ONS and based on 3:8 GVA1,2 by 6 industries (constrained to headline NUTS2) at current basic prices. I add my usual disclaimer about the need when comparing regions based on GVA to exercise caution.

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