Friday, 1 March 2013

Plaid Cymru and the Living Wage

Plaid Cymru are today holding their Spring Conference at Biwmares, Ynys Môn.

They are also here to launch there campaign for the up and coming May elections at Ynys Môn Council.

According to their website - Plaid Cymru will put transforming the Welsh economy at the heart of its Spring Conference as voters were urged to make Anglesey proud at May’s council elections.

Ieuan Wyn Jones AM said "This is a very important year for Anglesey and for Plaid Cymru as we look forward to the county council elections here in May. Plaid Cymru is taking this election very seriously. It is time for a fresh start on Anglesey Council." 

Note to Ieuan Wyn Jones though.....its Ynys Môn, got it.....Ynys Môn.... not difficult most people can say it, repeat after me it's Ynys Môn. The title of this blog being ironic of course.

Also to be honest with you, I'd take Plaid Cymru a bit more seriously if they asked Bob Parry to retire gracefully, he has far too much baggage for my liking.

One thing for sure Plaid Cymru is right, for it goes without saying improving the welsh economy should be a priority - which brings me to a 'Living Wage' which Plaid Cymru do support and campaign for.

Iain Duncan Smith keeps waffling on about making work more rewarding than being on the dole, but then fails to see that one way of achieving this would be a living wage. And it need not be imposed by government by regulation, the more companies join in and pay a living wage, the better it would be for all of us.

Because the more people we take out of poverty, the less the welfare bill will be, the more disposable income people have the better for the economy it will be.

So that is why I think we should all support the 'Living Wage Campaign' and should you get a prospective candidate knocking on your door on Ynys Môn seeking your support in May, do ask them what their position on the living wage is.

Together we can make a differences

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