Wednesday, 24 October 2012

We've heard it all before.

I read with interest in the Daily Post that the councillors of Ynys Môn have been given their toys back.

The leader of the Council, Cllr Bryan Owen said and I quote "We have to learn from the past but then leave the past behind us"

You know I really hope they have - but then again like the film 'Groundhogs Day' we've been here before.

There is a long list of previous political leaders from the island on record saying how they have learnt their lesson and that they are sorry...give us one more chance etc etc....

Think Cllr Bob Parry, the then Cllr Fowlie, Cllr John Charlton, Cllr Goronwy Parry - to name just a few poor excuses for councillors that have said in the past they are sorry and that they will try harder.

Have they learnt their lesson? - are you kidding me - no way have they learnt their lesson.

Take Cllr Gareth Winston and bully from rural Amlwch, whom said to the Daily Post "The budget deficit over the next five years is the biggest challenge. There has to be robust discussions on how this is handled and that we look at all services, not just things like care homes and schools."

Or in other words when he says robust what he really means is - if he's loosing the argument he is likely to spit the dummy out, have a tantrum and stomp off whilst swearing under his breath. Yep, for the record another poor excuse for a Councillor.

And not forgetting ghosts from the past, one of which is John Arthur Jones, as ever jumping on the nearest bandwagon, this time being the island's care homes.  His idea lease the care homes to the private sector for a peppercorn rent -  which fails totally to understand the problems faced by the council.

Being that whilst there is enough provision in the private sector for general care homes, there is a shortage of acute care and critical care nursing homes and problems around respite for careers, especially for those with relatives with acute needs. 

Of course John Arthur Jones has a right to his opinion,  as do I,  when I say he is talking bullshit as per usual.

But back to our silly little band of councillors who want us to believe they have learnt there lesson and will behave this time - as I said we've heard it all before. .


Anonymous said...

On the subject of care homes I think we need to get real.

People get old. And when they get old they need to be allowed to fade away. Preferably to fade away at home. Alternatively in a short-term care home. But fade away they must.

There ain't no point in keeping the elderly infirm alive just because we can. Ask any doctor!

Gruntfuttocks said...

It should be noted that at the recent public meeting at the Amlwch school recently regarding the possible closure/disposal of care homes on the island including Brwynog, there were three local councillors present. Conspicious by his absence was the oleaginous Gareth Winston Roberts. So much for his support for local causes - however perhaps there may well be something cooking on the back burner. Perhaps the teflon coated one has plans of his own regarding the purchase of Brwynog (which has received lots of public money spent on it recently) - could Brwynog be destined for his property portfolio?